The party came to an end at WSUN when two other stations began operations in the Tampa Bay market.  "For almost two years, WSUN cherry-picked shows from the four networkswe were on top.  When Channel 8 took NBC and Channel 13 took CBS, that left us with our ABC affiliation.  But those VHF channels knocked our socks off.  ABC wasn't so powerful then.  About the only breakout programming was the Disneyland show that included Davy Crockett.  We had our own Davy Crockett, played by Bob Browne.  We put the coonskin hat on him and he hosted movie packages."

But competition was only part of the headaches at WSUN; many of the station's staff were departing for Channels 8 and 13.  Bob, who was also acting as a program manager by that time, chose to stay.  "We went crazy when so many of the staff went to WTVT," recalls Bob.  "But a nuclear bomb went off when Burl went to WTVT and took the character of 'Capt. Mac' with him.  We got a lawyer and sued."  A unique settlement allowed McCarty to keep the name of 'Capt. Mac' at Channel 13, but not the costume or format.  Back at Channel 38, Fred Davy was promoted to become the new 'Capt. Mac' sporting the original costume and format.  Two Capt. Macs in one market?  The comedic situation lasted until McCarty tired of commuting to Tampa and returned to WSUN (see Capt. Mac and other Tampa Bay Area Kids Shows).

At right: TV Guide Ad for the WTVT version of  Capt. Mac (1955)