Two WTVT production mangers, Ken Smith and Jim Benedict,
check out a Channel 13 poster.

The George Steinbrenner room at Malio's was a beehive of anecdotes, memories, and good cheer as attendees enjoyed a 'meet and greet' starting at 7pm.   A video of classic Channel 13 clips and behind-the-scenes documentaries played to the amused delight of observers, while vintage Channel 13 logos adorned the walls along with specially-produced photographic posters spotlighting the 50's, 60's, and 70's.

The head of 'Shock' Armstrong sits atop a monitor showing classic WTVT clips.
At far right is former chief photographer Jack Cosgrove

For his first public appearance since the end of 'Shock Theatre' in 1974, the ghoulish plastic head of 'Shock Armstrong' (originally a Halloween decoration painted up by the studio's art department) appeared atop the playback monitor.  A special surprise was the appearance of the room's namesake, George Steinbrenner himselfwho was spotted in the restaurant by Tony Zappone, and invited to greet the BIG 13 crowd.   George moved so fast we were only able to get a profile shot...

George Steinbrenner greets BIG 13 guests
in the George Steinbrenner room at Malios
Photo: Terry Drymon



Mike Clark was the evening's M.C.

The evening's program began with a warm welcome by co-host Mike Clark, who explained that the festivities were being video taped to share with Channel 13 out-of-towners who couldn't attend.  Tony Zappone asked the two generations of 13-ers to introduce themselves and describe their former positions for the other guests.  Many had humorous anecdotes to add to their resumes.  A delicious Malio's dinner was served immediately after, and then it was time for the evening's special presentationthe "Ernie".