Larry feels that it was during the time of the Mary Ellen adventures that Joe got the urge to actually produce a feature film.  Several years later he would do just that, but not before being part of Channel 13's famous 'Shock Theatre,' which debuted on Friday nights at 11:30 in September, 1964.  Joe was the producer and director of 'Shock Theatre,' that featured WTVT's Paul Reynolds as the teenage ghoul 'Shock' Armstrong.  

Paul Reynolds as 'Shock Armstrong,'
The All-American Ghoul

"The first couple of episodes, 'Shock' didn't say anything..he just moaned and groaned," recalls Larry.  "There was no mention of that night's movieit was kind of like 'Shock's' own little show.  For instance, he would prepare himself breakfast by pouring some cereal into a bowl.  Then, he'd start to chop up a banana for the cereal using a bayonet instead of a knife.  But the bayonet isn't sharp enough so 'Shock' decides to whack the banana with it.  He hits the banana so hard he busts the bowl.  He was like a big klutz.  'Shock Theatre' didn't really take off until 'Shock' started talking on the third or fourth week."


Just like his outing on Mary Ellen's show, young Larry helped his Dad on several occasions.  "My Dad had an idea that 'Shock' is going to save all the used Christmas trees that people throw out.  Me and my buddies went around after Christmas collecting trees.  The limbs and needles were all brown and dried out.  It was a big mess and on the program, 'Shock' moved the trees into his attic and somehow sets them all on fire.  I remember that the crew made a fire between the camera and the trees so it looked like the place was an inferno."

Larry also recalls that his father played a recurring part on 'Shock Theatre'.  "My Dad was 'Mr. Wilson' next door.  You never saw himyou only heard him yelling at 'Shock' for playing his records too loud or whatever."

Young protestors want 'Shock' back on the air! 

Everyone familiar with 'Shock Theatre' knows the story of how the show was cancelled in 1967 to clear the way for 'The Joey Bishop Show.'  After young protestors showed up at the WTVT with placards, management reinstated the show.  What you may not know is that a few of the protestors were recruited by Larry Wiezycki.  "I called some of my friends and mentioned that 'Shock' had been cancelled and that they should go and picket the station.  Other people had the same idea and a lot of kids showed up with placards protesting the end of 'Shock Theatre.'"