Tampa has never been so silenced by anything of the like since. Because the President had just been here, most of us felt like he had come to somehow, in some way, say goodbye.

For those who were not alive then or who are too young to remember, the events of those four days can be described as unfathomable and bizarre.

For those of us who were there and do recall, the passage of time has done little to dull the memories of both his life and death, and those brief, shining moments of his Tampa appearance.

Nine months to the day following JFKs visit, I was with his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, at his Washington office in the Justice Department. I was there to present him with copies of the pictures I had taken on that special November day in Tampa to be placed in the archives of the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum in Boston.

A 16-year-old Tony Zappone presents his Tampa photos of
John F. Kennedy to the slain President's brother, Robert F. Kennedy.

Photo: Hector Alcalde

RFK graciously accepted my contribution of photographs but you could tell he was still deeply affected by the loss of his brother. Four years later he, too, would be killed by an assassins bullet while campaigning in his own bid for the presidency.


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