Gaylord had imported management personnel from other parts of the organization, primarily from their flagship station, WKY-TV, in Oklahoma City. Led by  P. A. Buddy Sugg,  salesman John Haberlan, Operations Supervisor Bob Olson, General Manager Gene Dodson, Chief Engineer Bill Witt, and Production Manager Bob Doty were soon holding the reins to the administration of Channel 13.   "It was a pretty neat group," states Jayne. "I enjoyed the camaraderie and the learning, and thinking on Sunday, 'Oh, boy, I get to go to work tomorrow.'  I really couldn't wait to get to work every day.  Because it was a small station at the time, there was a strong sense of solidarity, and watching the evolution of a startup station into something the Tampa Bay area would soon be proud of was great fun."   

WTVT's General Manager Gene Dodson with Peggy Anderson and Jayne Boyd

Jayne realized there were opportunities at WTVT and began to take charge of her career.  "After Boykin left I got more aggressive and involved in the process of running the film areasome of which was distinctive for its lack of organization and proactive coordination with other departments.  I started doing things that nobody else had done, and became Film Director about six months later."  New editors were hired, including, over the years, Bernadine Becker and Pat Giancotti, who oversaw the shipping of programs back to distributors or other TV stations.  John 'Mak' McKinen and John Sherry both got their start at WTVT in the film department.  

 WTVT's film room contained thousands of spot commercials, programs, and public service announcements, all number-coded and retrieved manually in the days before computerized bar codes.