Jerry Krumbholz helps celebrate WTVT's 25th Anniversary (1980)

Jerry has continued to be a popular freelance talent for commercials and narration in local media and is often called upon by ad agencies to this day. He returned to WTVT to host their 25th Anniversary special and to anchor in-house presentations for the sales and production departments. Hes also found time to attend music classes at Hillsborough Community College and to learn to play the clarinet and saxophone with an eye on becoming more active in playing in jazz ensembles. Even at age 71, Krumbholz keeps a full schedule of appointments in his Tampa and Brandon offices.

Photo: Tony Zappone
Its rather ironic that the man who was a significant voice of one of CBS top affiliates, the network with an eye for a logo, would end up becoming an eye doctor. Hmm!

Krumbholz sums up his days at Channel 13: I cant think of a better way to have lived those years combining studies with my job at WTVT. It was the finest station in the country with management that knew when to get involved and when to leave people to their own devices. Its too bad all people in broadcasting couldnt have had the Channel 13 experience early on in their careers. It was the best of times.


- Story Contributed by Tony Zappone

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