Produced through Elektra films in New York, the 12 second animated open began with a dramatic cymbal crash. As announcer Ben Grauer intoned, "The following program is brought to you in living color on NBC," the Peacock unfolds his monochrome feathers, which transform into vibrant, shifting hues before finally settling on the familiar colors Graham had chosen for the original design. This animated Peacock premiered on "Your Hit Parade" in September, 1957, and remained basically unchanged for the next five years.

NBC Playing cards promoting WDSM-TV

The NBC Peacock Game (1966)

The Peacock was a great marketing tool as well. Local television dealers held Peacock promotions to publicize the color schedule on NBC. NBC affiliates used the Peacock as promotional giveaways on ashtrays, playing cards, puzzles, and coffee mugs. The Peacock even got its own board game in the mid 1960's.

Meanwhile, Graham designed the famous NBC 'snake' animation in 1959, which usually appeared at the end of NBC-produced programming. So called because it forged the letters 'NBC' out of one continuous line, the snake also became an animated logo, adorned letterheads and company memos, and appeared on the sides of NBC studio and field cameras until the mid 70's.

Taking the Peacock animation to a more lyrical phase in 1962, Graham's new animation was kaleidoscopic, supported musically by a gentle flute and harp. This new Peacock appeared for the first time in an episode of the long running western series "Laramie," and is commonly referred to as "The Laramie Peacock." When NBC became the first full-color network in 1966, the Peacock literally signed on the network with The Today Show and concluded 16 hours later with The Tonight Show. During his heyday, the Peacock appeared an average of 20 times per day!