Behind The Scenes of Shock Theatre

Shock revealed! Paul Reynolds before donning the Frankenstein mask to become 'Shock Armstrong'. The affable, witty announcer was surprised at the quick reaction to the Shock character.

Paul Reynolds moments before disappearing into the character of Shock Armstrong. Note the wider angle of the photo revealing a truly shabby bedroom set. Shock Theatre, which began in 1964, went color in 1966, although some of the films remained in black and white.

'Shock' head photographed in (2002)

Original unpainted Halloween novelty

"Son" of Shock! This plastic Halloween candy container became the new icon for Shock Theatre. Painted yellow-green by WTVT art director Fred Zoller, the head was used from 1969 until Shock Theatre's end in 1974. Photographed in 2001, the paint is slowly revealing the original orange color of the plastic beneath.

A rare, behind the scenes still of the Shock head as positioned by the studio crew. The head replaced the spinning miniature PULSE globe, and sits on a small, motorized turntable. The Shock logo and Channel 13 I.D. were positioned over the PULSE digital clock. Two small floodlights lit the scene, and the camera's 'black level' was brought down in master control to blend and hide the different gradations of art cards and backing.