In 1960, Rice elected to join management and the position of News Director was assumed by Joe Loughlin.  Rice continued to deliver the daily editorial until he left two years later for a position as Assistant General Manager at Gaylord's new station in Ft. Worth, KTVT.  Meanwhile, another landmark achievement was pioneered by WTVT in September, 1963, as PULSE expanded from 60 minutes to a 90 minute weekday format.  Other television stations were constantly scrutinizing WTVT's talented news department, and Joe Loughlin was hired by WCBS, New York, to become their News Director in August of 1963. Tom S. Wright assumed the post of WTVT's News Director, with Tom Dunn as anchor for the 6 and 11pm editions of Pulse.

Ray Dantzler, a newscaster, editor, and writer from WFGA in Jacksonville, joined the news staff in February, 1963.  A recent graduate of the University of Missouri, Tim Moran, and Bob Mackey, ex-news director of WDAE radio, also came on board at the same time as Dantzler.  When Wright left his position in March of 1966, Dantzler was promoted to News Director and Hugh Smith became Assistant News Director. 

WTVT's News, Sports, and Weather Staff (1963)
In the background we can see a fleet of Buick automobiles, and the large WTVT mobile unit with support trucks.  Two RCA TK-30 field cameras stand amidst the setup. This photo was staged outside the WTVT studios on the east lawn and appeared in the Tampa Tribune in February, 1963