Photographer Marvin Scott is using a sound-equipped 16mm camera that recorded the audio optically onto the film.  Silent film was shot with spring-wound Bell and Howell cameras. Zoom lenses were later added 
for shooting flexibility. The film was brought back to WTVT's lab, which was located behind the studio.  The lab eventually went color and processed thousands of feet of film daily.

Jack Cosgrove stands in for a reporter in this publicity shot.  He's using a primitive mobile phone that was actually just a prop...the real radio had not been installed yet.  Extra travel time had to be allowed for reporters to drive back to the station, process the film, edit it, write a script, and get the story on the air.
We're serious about news, here!

Ed Herbert anchors a late 1950's Pulse news cast.  

No teleprompters were used.  The anchor would read off a script and try to maintain eye contact with the viewer.