WTVT 2005 Renunion
Photographs by Mike Clark, Sara Clark, and
Mak Makinen, and Tim Shannon

Welcome BIG 13 billboard at Tampa International Airport

Jim Benedict greets former WTVT production manager Ken Smith and
anchor/reporter Ron Meyer in the Fox 13 lobby.

John Paul Jones, Mr.& Mrs. Charles Allen, and Nancy Schubert

Joe Loughlin and Ken Smith

Awe-struck alumni take in the new digital control rooms at Fox 13.

Ann Williams meets an old friend from her days in master control...
an RCA TP-66 16mm film chain!

The Fox 13 news studio and cameras

Former news anchor Terry Casey and former sports reporter
and anchor Pete Johnson check out the high-tech Fox 13 anchor desk.

Registration receptionists Jane Hilton and Shirley Gunn-Anderson get ready to process 230 attendees.

Weather department reunion. (L to R)
Mike McCall, Bob Breck, Roy Leep, Eric Meindl

Wayne Fariss, our first anchor from 1955, with John Wilson,
Fox 13 anchor, 2005. Lookin' good, guys!

Joe Collum, Jule McGee, and Bob Linger

Reunion chairman Mike Clark with Andy Hardy's son Kevin

One of several displays of WTVT memorabilia...Ernie Lee's Guitar

Robin Fellows sings "Happy Birthday, Big 13"

230 alums celebrate 50 years of WTVT

Our wonderful master of ceremonies, Ray Blush

Wayne Fariss with tales of 1955

Joe Loughlin address the reunion attendees

Charlie Allen with tales of 1965

Bob Gilbert speaks about Pulse Extra

Bill Stokes holds the 1955 WTVT weather department
in his hand...a thermometer!

Roy Leep recalls how he started at WTVT

Pete Johnson, Ann Carlon, Sherry Taylor, and John Brill
host Salty Sol's "Where Am I?"

Scott Shuster in tribute to Joe Wiezycki

Jack Harris with tales of PULSE PLUS!

Alan Wendt in a tribute to Ernie Lee

Scott Shuster and Robin Fellows in a musical tribute to Ernie Lee

Pete Johnson presents an 'Ernie' to the Hardy Family
Pictured: Kevin, Marissa, and Jeff

Ron Meyer and Lesley Schissell (Friedsam)
on the topic of videotape preservation

Frank Robertson and Kathy Fountain

Jerry Krumbholz and 'Shock Armstrong, Jr.'

Engineering memories with Emmett West

Ken Smith on the production department

John Hayes in tribute to WTVT's general managers

WTVT's general manager Bob Linger

A full house! 230 alumni enjoy the evening's festivities