Where Are They Now?



Kay Adams
Was part of Ernie Lee's musical family for many years. She's living in Bradenton and is a veteran Eckerd's (or CVS) employee. Kay is married to J.D. Renney, one of Ernie's lead guitarists.

Herb Adams
Another of Ernie Lee's troupe, Herb is retired and living in Ohio.

Frank Ahern
Is a public relations representative and video producer for the University of Florida.

Charlie Allen
Joined WTVT as a night and weekend reporter in November 1958. In 1959, he was assigned to St. Petersburg and later became Pinellas County bureau chief. Charlie became News Assignment Editor in '66, producing the 6 p.m. Pulse news until he returned to Tallahassee in 1974. Charlie played a significant role in the hiring Jule McGee (from Channel 10), Chip Collins (from Channel 38) and Ray Blush (from Channel 8). From 1974-1991 he served as chief of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Bureau of Information, Education and Research Services. He has recently retired as thedevelopment director for Florida State University broadcast stations.

Cynthia Anderson
One of Marvette Carter's assistants in the promotion department is living in Atlanta.

Kristy Andersen
One of the first women to break into the all-male production staff, Kristy is now a producer of independent films. Her latest project is for the 'American Masters' series on PBS and is called "BlackSouth," the story of Zora Neale Hurston. You can see a trailer for the film by going to www.zorahurston.com.

Kristy is married to a reporter for our favorite newspaper, The St. Petersburg Times. They have a teenage son who loves video games.

Don Anderson? - St. Petersburg stringer

Sharyl Attkisson
This former Pulse anchor joined CNN in Atlanta and then moved on to WCBS-TV in New York as an anchor. Sharyl now with CBS as an investigative reporter with their Washington, D.C. bureau.

John Baker
A videotape editor from 1988 through 1990, John was one who made the transition from old building to new. He is now the Tallahassee Bureau Chief of the Florida Radio Network.

Jim Barrett
A former Pinellas County and Tallahassee bureau chief, Jim passed away in September, 2004.

Jim Benedict
Jim is still at 'Big 13' in the position of Production Manager. He celebrated 40 years at WTVT in March, 2004!

Cliff Benham
Was an engineer at 13 and now he's with QVC in Clearwater.

Ray Blush
Followed Hugh Smith as News Director, and left WTVT in the early 80s to become Director of Corporate Communications at the Florida Power Corporation. He is retired and living in Pinellas County. To see an interview with Ray titled "Ray Blush - Project 13 and Beyond" Click Here

Tom Boyle? - Tampa reporter, newscaster

Richard Bozeman
Retired in 2001 after being at BIG 13 for 29 years. Richard spent most of those years on the morning shift. He now has an internet business selling collectibles on EBAY, specializing in TV and cartoon items.

Jack Breit
Continued his career as professional photographer and artist. You can see some of Jack's work displayed at The Arts Center in St. Petersburg, where he is also a teacher.

Bob Breck
Is Chief Meteorologist at WVUE FOX 8 in New Orleans

John Brill
In the 70's, John served under Salty Sol and Andy Hardy in the Sports Department. Today, John works in Hillsborough County government, and is married to former Channel 13 anchor Deanna Lawrence.

Paul Blauschka ?

Billy Bowles?

Jayne Boyd
Like Walter Rhoads....Jayne was one of the ORIGINAL Channel 13 employees....and is living in Dunedin, Fla. now. FYI....she was one of the first female Program Directors in the United States. To read about Jayne's career, click on "Jayne Boyd...A Way With Words."

Jeri Bunt
One of Channel 13's "Year One" employees, Jeri worked the switchboard, promotion, and film services. She eventually married production manager Ken Smith. Look for her story in "Jeri Bunt...Channel 13's Cover Girl," in the 'Year One' section.

Gil Butler? - newscaster

Ann Carlon
Worked in the Sports Department under Andy Hardy. From WTVT-TV, Ann received a Masters Degree in Photojournalism from the U of Minnesota and produced, wrote and edited Cable TV programs. The following year she was the PM Magazine Co-Host at the Duluth, Minnesota WDIO-TV station and also produced stories. Ann then moved back into the Sports reporting and weekend sports anchoring for WDIO. Joining an advertising agency - Westmoreland, Larson & Webster as an Account Executive, Ann produced the Iron Mining Industry television program for six years. She was asked to join the Duluth Convention & Visitors Bureau as the Public Relations Director and started the Eagan, Minnesota Convention & Visitors Bureau in 1994 as Executive Director, where you can catch her presently.

Ann is married and has two step-children - Brenda (29) and Rob (27). She still enjoys sports and plays competitive tennis and golf. You can Email Ann at

Tony Carswell
Can be found in Master Control at FOX 13

Terry Casey
This accomplished anchor and reporter had been awarded two local Emmys, a TELLY Award, the DuPont-Columbia Award for Excellence, AP-Best Documentary and more. Terry is a resident of Jacksonville Beach and a much-sought after voice over announcer and spokesman. You can check out his web site at www.terrycaseyvoiceworks.com

Marvette Carter
The station's former promotion director is now known as Marvelle Lightfields...and she is a Reiki Master in St. Petersburg.

Rod Challenger
Is the Pinellas County correspondent for WFLA-TV

Mike Clark
Left 13 in 1977 to pursue a TV career in Los Angeles. For the last 20 years, he's been with Columbia/TriStar TV (now Sony Pictures Television) as in-house producer, director, and editor for the syndication department. The "Big 13" web site you're reading is his baby. To see Mike's dramatic, heart-tugging and over-the-top story, CLICK HERE To Email Mike,

Chip Collins
Channel 13's former assignment editor is a church administrator in Clearwater.

Joe Collum
Was a reporter from 1982-84. He was hired away by Bob Franklin to start up a new Investigative Team at Houston's KPRC-TV. (Bob later became News Director and General Manager of WTVT). At KPRC Joe's I-Team won a number of prestigious national journalism awards, including Four I.R.E. Awards, two Sigma Delta Chi Bronze Medallions, The National RTNDA First Prize for Investigative Reporting and the George Polk Award. Joe's commendations continued at WWOR-TV in New York, including the duPont-Columbia Silver Gavel and 12 NY Emmy's. Joe reported from Ground Zero on September 11, 2001 and for several days thereafter. He left WWOR shortly after 9/11 and moved to Fort Lauderdale, where he's working on a book about racial profiling.

Pat Colmenares
The former co-host of Breakfast Beat and Pulse Plus! became one of Tampa Bay's premier real estate agents of luxury properties. She passed away on June 22, 2003, after a long battle against Lupus.

Jack Cosgrove
Was one of WTVT's "Year 1" employees, starting in August, 1955. Jack is retired and living in the Tampa Bay area. Read about his time at WTVT in "Jack Cosgrove, Hail to the Chief (Photographer"

Frank Cossota, Jr.
A former remote crew chief and projectionist coordinates repairs of the 40-something WTVT trucks and Explorers at a local Ford dealer.

Charles Cox - 1950s farm reporter

Ray Dantzler
A reporter, anchor, News Director, Editorial Director, and Program Manager, Ray passed away in April, 2004.

Victor Dashiell
Lives and works in the Sarasota area.

Art Day - 1960s farm reporter

Phil Dean
Was a news reporter from 1977-1979. He joined Florida Power Corporation and stayed there until 2001. He currently is the President of Dean Communications, a full service communications company.

Frances Dees
Worked for Marvette Carter in promotions. She lives in Tampa.

Todd DeBonis
Joined ABC news and traveled around the world as a photographer and editor. He eventually settled in the Boston area and runs a video production business. Todd also has a web site dedicated to SCI FI and Fantasy. CLICK HERE

Jim Dick
Was an anchor at Big 13 who left in 1978 to join New Jersey Nightly News based in Trenton, New Jersey. The program was co-produced by NJPTV and WNET, NY. Jim then moved to New York City, working as 11pm news producer for both WABC and WCBS. He finally made it to the network with NBC News. The first 5 years he was on the Foreign Desk and then became Morning News Director for NBC, overseeing the newscasts and coverage for the TODAY Show while also being the Exec Producer for NBC News at Sunrise. Jim's technical director was former WTVT alumni Gil Muro. After 16 years at NBC Jim and his wife Jeanne decided the big city was not the place to raise a family and took their twins Jeff and Allie to Madison, WI. Since 1998, Jim's been the News Director at WMTV-NBC 15.

Joe Doyle?
A former anchor for PULSE during the mid-60's

Dean Drapin
Formerly an announcer and on-air personality, Dean joined I.A.T.S.E. (Local 321) in the '90's, and now does theatrical and convention work. He is married to Anne.

Mary Ellen
"Everyone's favorite Mom," Mary Ellen appeared on "Popeye's Playhouse" and "The Mary Ellen Show" for seven years. To read her wonderful story, CLICK HERE

Larry Elliston
Is a producer for Jack Hanna Productions and travels all over the world doing animal and nature pieces. Larry, keep an eye out for Mary Ellen's missing parrot, Poopdeck!

To read all about the career of Larry Elliston at WTVT, click here for "Larry Elliston, Channel 13's 'Down Home' Feature Man"

Larry Eskridge
Is the Director of Engineering for WYCC in Chicago.

John Evans
Channel 13's first Tallahassee bureau chief went to work for the Florida governor's staff in the early 60's. He returned to broadcasting by joining John Haberlan and Ken Smith at WESH-TV in Orlando, eventually becoming General Manager. Currently, John is director of Corporate Communications for a health system serving Florida's Fun Coast that includes hospitals in Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach, a successful HMO, a PPO serving self-insured employers in the area, a hospice and several support companies. John has written a first-person account of his time at Channel 13. Click here for "John Evans...Covering the State Capital."

Tommy Eure
Wasn't technically an employee, but he did share real estate with Channel 13 for many years and provided occasional still photography. Tommy is retired and you can read his story by CLICKING HERE

Wayne Fariss
Was one of Channel 13's original anchors, and worked with News Director Dick John. Wayne later moved to Miami, and spent 26 years with WSVN. He was honored by the Miami branch of the Television Academy with a 'Silver Circle' award in 2001. Read all about Wayne's career in "News" and the "Year One" employee section.

John Ferrugia
This former reporter and producer on Project 13 went KCTV in Kansas City, then on to CBS News in 1980 as a Washington correspondent, covering the presidential inauguration of Ronald Reagan. In 1985 John was named a White House correspondent and traveled the world with President Reagan. He covered the 40th anniversary of the D-Day invasion on the beaches of Normandy, and the economic summits in London and Williamsburg. He also walked the Great Wall of China with Reagan, filed reports from the "southern summit" in Brasilia, Brazil, and from the Demilitarized Zone in South Korea. John was also the principal anchor for the CBS News prime time magazine, "West 57th".

He went to Denver in 1989 to anchor the news at KCNC, and three years later joined KMGH, Channel 7, where he developed his signature report: "The Ferrugia File." His groundbreaking investigation into the Air Force Academy's sexual harassment scandal became national news in 2002/2003 and continues to reverberate to this day.

For BIG 13, John has written a few memories of his days with Project 13. Click here to read "John Ferrugia...On the Road with Project 13."

Bob Franklin
WTVT's former News Director and General Manager was GM at KNTV in San Jose, California, and is now GM at WTWC, the NBC affiliate in Tallahassee.

Alan Gadney?
Was a WTVT reporter in the mid-60's

Bob Gilbert
The former producer of PULSE EXTRA is now retired and living in St. Petersburg Beach. You can read about his wonderful career in broadcasting by clicking on Bob Gilbert: A Guy With Something 'Extra'

Annette Gilliam? - Reporter

Bonnie Ginzburg
This former reporter is now Bonnie Erbe (ur-bay), a nationally syndicated columnist and host of PBS's "To The Contrary."

Sara Golinveaux
Is now a very successful real estate broker in Tallahassee.

Steve Grayson
After leaving his position as a production person and director at WTVT, Steve free lanced for all the networks running camera, and directed for ESPN. He also worked with former BIG 13 director Paul Koenig as director/camera on an industrial video that won a 'Best of' award of first place out of 20,000 plus video entries. Steve died of a heart attack in July, 2003

Dayle Greene
Dayle was a graduate of Florida A&M University who became Tampa Bay's first African-American reporter and news anchor. Dayle also co-hosted "Black Contact" with Martha Mackey, and eventually moved into the station's advertising sales department. Today, you can hear Dayle on WWRM-FM 94.9 where he also hosts a community affairs show, "Spectrum," every Sunday morning. Dayle's daughter is following in his footsteps...she's at Florida A & M as a broadcast journalism student.

Darryl Green
A former sales guy....works for a radio station in Tampa.

Carole Gregory
Spent some time at Zemp/Y&R Advertising after 'TVT. Then, she made a big change and for the next 10 years built houses for a living. Carole married a Canadian in 1990 moved to Toronto a year and a half later. She became interested in the 'new media' and got involved in CD-ROM production and Web site development. The killer winters caused them to head back South to live in Hotlanta...I mean Atlanta. Carole's current gig is with UPS as part of the Web site re-design team. You can Email Carole at

Martha Gurwit
Martha is a "Year One" employee. She was known as Martha Stuart in 1955 when Walter Tison, Channel 13's original owner, hired her for his executive secretary. In 1956, Martha married Ch. 13's Program Director, Monte Gurwit. They both departed WTVT shortly after Gaylord acquired the station. Monte is deceased, and Martha lives in Southern Florida. To read about the early days of WTVT, click on "Monte and Martha Gurwit...A Year at WTVT"

Mark Haggard?

Randy Hardison
A former camera operator and director at Channel 13 for nine years starting in 1986, Randy is now with WPEC, the CBS station in West Palm Beach as one of the morning newscast director.

Barbara Harkins?

Ron Harpe
Retired from 13 after 22 years of service as Chief Announcer. He is living in Tampa.

Jack Harris
This Tampa Bay broadcast veteran co-hosted Pulse Plus! during the 1980s. Jack has his own show on WFLA radio during morning drive time. Jack has a terrific son by the name of Jackson (future broadcaster?).

Earl Higgins
An engineer and maintenance supervisor at BIG 13, Earl left to become a field service rep and later a salesman for Ampex. These days, Earl lives with his family near Atlanta and works for AVID, the leading company for non-linear digital editing systems.

Jane Hilton
Retired as WTVT's receptionist on March 20, 2002. Jane has seen many people come through the doors during her 35 years at WTVT. Her favorite celebrityvisitors include Richard Simmons; she says there was not a nicer guy in the world. Richard was cordial to employees, friendly and so polite. As was 'Uncle Miltie', Milton Berle, so gracious both on and off the air. He stayed after an appearance and signed everyone's autographs. Morey Amsterdam from the 'Dick Van Dyke Show' also had everyone out in the lobby in stitches -- telling funny stories and interacting withemployees and other guests. Actor Burt Reynolds was also a riot when he showed up for a party at the station. Jane remembers well the furor over the cancellation of 'Shock Theater'. The switchboard was jammed with complaints -- kids were outside picketing, carrying small coffins and signs. It was a zoo!

As for the television business -- especially the old days -- localnews, sports and weather people were down to earth and had a great interaction with their viewers. Jane says this business attracted such nice people -- She remembers how nice they all were to her and others -- folks like Ray Blush, Cy Smith, Charlie Hampton, John Haberlan, 'Chip' Collins, Neil Vacino, Salty Sol, so giving was he! Jane remembers the station's real gentleman in the 'old' days, Frank Cossota Sr. who worked in sales and dressed with such class. Jane was especially sad when one of her all time favorites, Don Harris was killed while covering the Jonestown story in Guyana for NBC News. Don was just great!

Well, Jane, you are just great too. I'm sure you hold the record for saying 'Channel 13,' more than all the announcers combined! Good luck and enjoy your retirement!

John Hayes
Left "Big 13" in 1979 to be a news director in Birmingham, Alabama, and then California. In 1983 John moved to Las Vegas to be the GM of the CBS affiliate. Then it was on to Buffalo as GM of the CBS affiliate and then to Charlotte as GM of the NBC station. The Charlotte affiliate was owned by the Providence Journal Company and after three years John went to Corporate to oversee their 13 stations and to create and launch a cable news channel (Northwest Cable News) based in Seattle. When the company was sold, John started Raycom Media. When he retired last summer Raycom had 36 TV stations stretching from San Juan to Honolulu. Way to go, John!

Jon Hoegstrom
Now works at Channel 8 as a director and production supervisor. His wife Mary was a producer with Wm. Zemp and they now have a lovely family. Thanks for the tour, Jon!

Paul Hoffman
Left television and worked in public relations for awhile. When last seen, Paul was with UPS.

Jualeta Holiday
or "Jually", (pronounced "Wally,") worked in promotion department during the mid 1960's.

Jim Hooper
Worked in news from 1985-1997. Jim was the morning news producer/assistant system manager who discovered the station's computer had been hacked by a rival station. He now owns Hoopster Productions in Tampa.

Doug Ibold
Worked on "The Concert for Bangledesh" in 1971, returned to WTVT for a short period, then moved to Los Angeles. He was an editor for "Magnum: P.I.", "Miami Vice," and is now editing "Law and Order, SVU".

Joel Jackson
Worked in news as a photographer starting in 1965. A year later he became a weekend news reporter until leaving in 1969. Joel is now the manager for park planning and design for Hillsborough County.

Marian Jenkins
Worked at BIG 13 from 1984-1990. She's currently working as an MCO at WTVY-TV Channel 4 in Dothan, Alabama. (Those call letters are VERY close to WTVT, eh?)

Dick John
Channel 13's second news director is now retired in Ft. Worth, Texas. His wife Ramona published her second book titled "Fun in Europe, a Travel Guide for Grown-ups!" Read Dick's memories of his time at WTVT in Newsroom, 1956

J.C. Johnson
This former production person lives in Sumter County. J.C. and his wife purchased a farm several years ago and are producing some alternative food for the area. (www.jaylorfarm.com).

Pete Johnson
Has a PR firm in Scottsdale, Arizona for the past 19 years. Pete is still an avid fly fisher. He's been married 25 years and has two boys, Adam and Zack. One extra note...Pete appeared on the original "Captain Mac" show when he was a kid. To read Pete's Sport Memories, CLICK HERE

Barbara Jones
Ran the newsfilm processor back in the 50's, and was married to Bill Stokes (they had three children, now grown and provided seven grandchildren). Barbara now lives in the St. Louis area.

Doug Jones
Doug worked for Big 13 three different times! His first tour began in 1957 delivering the mail as a station page. After graduating from high school in '59, he was hired into Production and worked for Dan Boger. Doug later moved into Sales Services, then became a Creative Services Director.

He left for the agency business and returned for a second tour as Sales Development Manager, then Regional Sales Manager. Leaving WTVT again to assume the Local Sales Manager's position at Channel 8, Doug returned again to WTVT in 1982 as Promotion Manager. He later managed Southeast Broadcasting Company (ABC affiliate TV stations in Georgia and Alabama).

John Paul Jones
Was a reporter/photographer from 1971-1975, and Hillsborough County Bureau Chief his last year there. After leaving the station, he open a news bureau in Valdosta Georgia for WCTV, the CBS affiliate serving Tallahassee-Thomasville. In 1983 Jones became managing editor at WCTV. In 1985 he joined CBS News as a regional producer. Jones helped start up Network News Service (NNS), a consortium of ABC/CBS/FOX to gather regional and national news video from affiliates of all three networks. Jones has lived in Atlanta since 1997 and has been with CBS for 20 years.

Jack King
Engineered Roy Leep's radar system in 1959, and worked in the ongoing maintenance and improvements of the weather department's equipment during the 60's and 70's. Jack died in October, 2003.

Paul Koenig
Paul left broadcast television in 1980 and worked at GTE's Media Resources department until 1995. Freelance directing projects with Busch Entertainment and GTE led to a shooting and editing position with The Directors, seen on Bravo and Encore. In '99, Paul edited The American Muscle Car for the Speed Channel, and Offroad A to Z airing on Outdoor Life Network.

Paul was awarded a Cine Golden Eagle in 2001 for editing "Alex's Journey," a drama about a boy who is diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Paul's married to former BIG 13 employee Kathy Penley, and lives in Clearwater beach with two sons. Lee is at FSU Film School and Mark is at UCF's Drama School. Paul received an Ernie for his service to WTVT in July, 2004.

Bill Kowal ?
The only thing we know about Bill is that he left WTVT in the late 80's, returned to his native Chicago, and went to work for United Airlines. We'll keep our radar tuned for more information.

Jerry Krumbholz
A graduate of the University of Tampa, Jerry joined WTVT as an announcer in 1956. He as the one and only announcer for "3-D Danny," and appeared in many commercials and other on-air duties over a 30 year period. Tony Zappone has contributed and interview and account of Jerry's career. CLICK HERE TO READ "JERRY KRUMBHOLZ...SPEAKING OF CHANNEL 13"

Jim Larsen?

Deanna Lawrence
Soft-spoken Deanna was a reporter and weekend anchor from the mid 70's to the mid 90's. Deanna returned to the station four years ago to write and produce a regular feature called "What's right with Tampa Bay." I'd say one of the things that's right with Tampa Bay is that Deanna is back with Channel 13! (Pulse Plus! - Deanna is married to former Channel 13 Sports reporter John Brill).

Bob Lawson
Is in Fox 13's master control room.

Roy Leep
Retired in 1997 after 40 years with Channel 13. He holds the title of 'Weather Director Emeritus'. Roy still lives in Tampa and is, to borrow a phrase, 'enjoying the weather.' To learn about Roy and his achievements over a 40 year career at Big 13, click here

Jim Lewis
Retired in October, 2003, after 34 years in engineering, directing, and master control. Congratulations, Jim!

Marty Lochridge
One of Channel WTVT's 1960's staffers was an assistant to Maggie Kitchens' in the Film/Continuity Department. Marty now works in traffic at WTSP-TV, Channel 10 in St.Pete.

Bruce Lockwood

A former director and assistant stage manager, Bruce left WTVT and became the production manager of WTOG. While at Channel 44 Bruce was the host of "The Kid's Club" and played 'Captain Bruce' for a few months until he was replaced by Ronald McDonald reading the funnies. Bruce then moved to Farmington, Maine where he was a lumberjack, a chicken sexer*, and a stripper (not the naked kind, but the print shop kind). For the last 22 years Bruce has worked at Grand Rapids Community College in their media department and is currently the director of Media Technologies. Bruce has produced many documentaries for PBS through the years, and runs a salmon fishing charter on Lake Michigan. He still enjoys photography and credits E. Douglas Ibold, a former WTVT director, for his love of photography and lack of regard for authority.
*According to Bruce, a chicken sexer checks the sex of newly born chickens. I wondered what kind of experience you need to qualify for the job.

Joe Loughlin

Went to WCBS-TV in New York as a local news anchor, and later re-joined Gaylord as General Manager of WVTV in Milwaukee, where he hired Scott Shuster as anchor for their 11 p.m. news. Joe was later in upper management for WGN-TV in Chicago, and then in charge of communications for the Chicago Catholic Archdiocese. Joe is now retired and living in Illinois.

Booker Lundy
Retired in November of 2002 after being with the production for 30 years!

John 'Mak' Makinen
Another 13 long-timer who's still hanging in there! Mak passed his 40th anniversary with the station in April, 2004. Today, he's' the senior SNG truck operator.

Dave Markwood
Dave has contacted us from his home in St. Petersburg...we're awaiting his update.

Duane Martin
Another long timer still serving the station in engineering. Duane is the morning shift's remote engineer, truck operator, audio man, video man, as well as 'Mr. Fix It.' He keeps the Channel 13 chopper and remote equipment in tip top shape.

Mike McCall
Was a staff meteorologist and weather graphics supervisor in the weather department from 1988 to 1993. In August of '93, Mike became the Chief Meteorologist at WCTV, the CBS affiliate in Tallahassee. He's married and has three sons. (My Three Sons?)

Jule McGee
Still at 13 as news operations manager. Keep those trucks a'runnin, Jule!

Bill McQueen
Worked in the newsroom from 1985 to 1988. His last job
was producing the morning "Breakfast Beat" newscast. After free-lancing and working at a Sarasota station, Bill formed his own company, Mercury Productions, in 1998. Mercury produces marketing, training and educational videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs. They also produce television commercials, video news releases and live events.

Tom McGuigan
This former production person is now with the Publix Supermarket video division.

Nelson Medina
After serving with Roy Leep from 1962-66, Nelson returned to his profession of photographer. Some of Nelson's photographic work have been displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Ringing Museum, among others. His photographs have appeared in Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic, Franklin Mint, Popular Photography, and many others. He continued to be one of Tampa's most recognized portrait photographers, and continues this work in semi-retirement today. Nelson is a good friend of BIG 13's photographer group, including Tony Zappone, Terry Drymon, and Tommy Eure.

Eric Meindl
Spent about six months at the ABC affiliate in Baton Rouge, then accepted a job with the National Weather Service (government) to produce and present "Aviation Weather" in Anchorage, AK. After 3 1/2 years of frozen dinners, he transferred back to Slidell, LA (just across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans), where he was a marine forecaster for NWS. Then Eric moved on to the National Data Buoy Center (about 50 miles northeast of New Orleans) in 1986, and got promoted to Division Chief in 1992. He retired from there in 2004. While living in Alaska, Eric and his lovely wife Vickie adopted Patrick, who is 22 now.

Phil Metlin
Phil was Executive Producer under News Director Jim West prior to the sale of WTVT to the Gillette organization. Phil left at that point but returned in the 1990's when Fox Broadcasting purchased the station. He is currently the Fox 13 News Director.

Ron Meyer
Is now a partner at the legal firm of Meyer and Brooks, P.A., in Tallahassee.

Chris Miller

Marvette Carter's former assistant in promotion left WTVT the first time in 1972 to become the Promotion Manager for WXEX-TV in Petersburg/Richmond, Virginia. From WXEX, she went to WRNL/WRXL Radio to become Traffic Manager.....then returned to WTVT in 1976. In August of 1979, Jayne Boyd hired Chris for the position of Program Coordinator at WTSP-TV, Channel 10, in St. Petersburg. She remained at WTSP-TV for 13 years and served also as Community Relations Coordinator and Commercial Services Coordinator until 12/24/89, when she was seriously injured in an automobile accident. Chris spent most of the accident recovery time in the Cayman Islands, where she orchestrated the license acquisition processand subsequent licensure for CITV. In 1992, she left the wonderful worldof TV and entered the floral business, where she now owns Encore Florist in Tampa, Fla. (813) 254-8283. A special bouquet to Chris for helping me with "Where Are They Now."

Merrily Miller
A former Creative Services staffer under production manager Dan Boger, Merrily and her husband Dave Rosenblatt run Silver Screen Image Interactive, a new-media company specializing in CD-roms and DVD production.

Fred Mirliani ?- Tampa/Polk County reporter

Gil Muro
Has been with NBC for 20 years as a Technical Director. He worked with the "Today" program for 11 consecutive years and traveled with them all over world to such places as Paris, Normandy (50th Anniversary of D-Day), Ireland, Scotland, London, South Africa, Cuba and Hawaii. Gil was also present for Bush Sr and both of Clinton's Inaugurations, 3 Super Bowls and the 1996 Olympics. He subbed on Saturday Night Live, Rosie O'Donnell, Phil Donahue, and spent one year on the Conan Show. Presently, Gil is assigned to NBC News Special Events and works in their newest digital control room (3A). He was involved with most of the Sept. 11, 2001, World Trade Center Coverage and general breaking news as well.

Carol Mountain
Former production manager is now with an architectural firm in Hillsborough County.

Bill Napier
Left "Big 13" in December of 1978 and moved to Charlotte, NC to become Technical Operations Manager for Jefferson Productions. Bill worked on high-end commercials and remote work for ABC including two Olympics jobs in 1980 and1984. In 1984, Bill joined WBTV as Director of Engineering. In January 1999, he moved about 8 miles away to Bahakel Communications as Vice President Engineering and Technology for the 9 TV and 15 Radio stations, along with two cable operations. Bill performs a lot of industry type work for DTV implementation as well as engineering supervision. He is still happily married to Linda - 31+ years, and the proud grandfather of two boys.

Bills other passion, other than Linda and TV, is flying airplanes which he does for business and pleasure as he travels to the stations.

Jack Murphy?
Jack was an assignment editor who who was also very knowledgeable about political matters, local or state. He had a reputation as a stickler for accuracy and clarity.

John S. Nicholson
An 11p.m. news anchor from 1978 to '82, John is a professor of broadcast journalism at Syracuse University and freelance event/show host for ESPN, OLN and USA network among others, as well as video/doc producer/writer and talent for various stations and organizations.

Bob Orick
Was on the crew from 1970 to '75. Later, Bob was the production manager at CPN Television, a local production house in Clearwater, and is currently working in the TV Production department at St. Petersburg College, Seminole campus.

Nick Paul
Served on the crew and on Vidifont until his retirement in the early 90's. Nick still lives in Tampa not too far from the station.

Kathy Penley
Is married to former Channel 13 director Paul Koenig. Since leaving television, Kathy has been in elementary and middle school education. She and Paul and have two sons who are involved in the arts.

Bobbi Peterson
One of our first female crew members, Bobbi Peterson-Oakley, lives in Boston with husband Bob (Bob and Bobbi?) and their 2 children.

Jerry Peterson
Worked with Roy Leep in the late 1950s and is now providing weather on WRHI AM and WRHM FM in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Jerry Prater
Jerry came to Channel 13 in 1957 from another CBS affiliate, WDBO-TV, channel 6, Orlando. Walt Rhoads hired Jerry as a cameraman and stage manager. Within two or three years Jerry transitioned into directing.Jerry left In 1966 for an advertising/PR job with a local wrestling promoter. In '75, he moved to Dixie County, keeping up a profitable working relationship with a wrestling outfit until it fell victim to a hostile takeover as the industry rapidly went national in 1987. At that time, Jerry took a job as a DJ/salesman at WLQH (AM 940) in Chiefland, which was the only local station in the market at the time. He later moved on to WCWB-FM in Trenton, the area's first FM. From there, he took a job as manager of WDFL AM/FM in Cross City, where I stayed until the station was sold in 2000. Currently, Jerry is a Dixie County Veterans Service Officer and a part-time sales rep for the Trenton radio station, WDJY.

George Prentis ? editorial writer

Joe Puleo
Moved to New York and has been a cameraman for ABC, most often on the soap opera "All My Children." He has won 4 Emmys, 2 for sports and 2 for daytime drama. Joe also received a CEBA award, and a Peabody for 9/11 coverage. You can see his shorts (films...not underwear) "Someone Else" and "Grey Linen" on ifilm.com and pepper-view.com respectively. Both are on maniafilm.com, an Asian website playing to a world wide audiences. Joe recently added directing to his daytime drama resume.

Frank Rankel ?

Mike Randall?

Rick Rea
Has been with 13 for 30 years, and is assistant to the chief engineer.

Crawford Rice
Was News Director (1958-60) and General Manager (1977-81) of WTVT. After supervising the station lineup for Gaylord Broadcasting, he retired in February, 1986. During his tenure (1974-77) as G.M. of the Gaylord station in Tacoma, KSTW, Mr. Rice and his wife Lydia fell in love with the area and are happily living in Bellevue, Washington. See an in depth interview with Crawford in the section of our web site called "A Conversation With Crawford Rice."

Ricc Rollins
Hosted a late night infotainment talk show, UpFRONT with Ricc Rollins on FOX 13 and was a senior producer on the Kathy Fountain Show. Currently, he is the CEO and President of Ishai, Inc., a multifaceted public relations and project development company; in addition to being a best selling author of three books and the senior Pastor of the Breath of Life Fellowship Community Church in Tampa.

Dave Rosenblatt
Worked in production from 1966-69. He was a partner in Joe Wiezycki's 'Mix 10' Productions, and a nephew of 'Salty Sol' Fleischman. Dave is married to former Creative Services employee Merrily Miller and today they run Silver Screen Image Interactive, a new-media company specializing in CD-roms and DVD production.

Linda Rossi
Has been with KNBC, Los Angeles, for twenty four years. She is the morning supervisor for the KNBC news editorial department. Linda met her future husband at WTVT...keep reading to find out who!

James Ruddle
Was teaching Journalism at the University of South Florida when WTVT's Jerry Peterson told him to come and take a look at working in television. James ended up reporting, anchoring, and teaching. He scheduled classes in the mornings and worked at 13 in the afternoons and evenings. "Hugh had the desk in Tampa," says James, "and I did the same from a pod studio in St. Pete for the hour-long "Pulse" program. I anchored at other times, but "Pulse" was our big show." James worked at WTVT from 1963 to 1965 and now lives in the Chicago area.

Carol Sadler
Worked with Andy Hardy in sports and is now living in the Washington, D.C. area.

Lesley Schissell
Was WTVT's first female news anchor. She is now Lesley J. Friedsam and is one of the top divorce attorneys in Tampa. She is a partner in the firm of Levine, Hirsch, et. al.

Nancy Schubert
Served at the station from 1974-1979 as a promotion assistant to Marvette Carter. Nancy was promoted to senior promotion assistant. After leaving Channel 13, she headed up the City of St. Petersburg's Public Information Office, which included news supplied to her former colleagues Hugh Smith, Neil Vicino and Jule McGee. She later was director of public and government relations for the Tampa Port Authority and worked again with old WTVT news friends, including Jule, Duane Martin, and Mak Makinen.

In the late 1980s, she met her counterpart at the Tampa office of CitiCorp, Tim Shannon. They married in 1991.

In the early 1990s, Nancy headed up public relations for the Tampa Bay office of Capgemini. Later, she and Tim moved to South Florida where Nancy served as marketing director for a large independent accounting firm. In 1998 IBM made her an offer at its Atlanta operation. She accepted and Nancy and Tim have been there since. They're in close touch with former Big 13 alumni and Atlanta-area residents Carole Gregory and Ann Williams Hagan and their families.

Ed Shaw
This veteran engineer lives in Hiawassee, Ga. Ed spent quite a lot of his time working with engineer Jack King in Roy Leep's weather department.

John Sherry?

Scott Shuster
In 1977, Scott went to work for National Public Radio (NPR) as producer for "All Things Considered." He then served as a foreign correspondent for ABC Radio, and reported to them from over 40 countries.Scott is now a world-respected host and moderator of industry specific management discussions. To find out what the heck that means, go here: www.leadingauthorities.com/search/biography.htm?s=5641. OR, you can read about Scott's incredible career in "News"

John Sizemore
Has been with NBC, Los Angeles, for 22 years. He is a cameraman and technical director for "Days Of Our Lives," and also for NBC's coverage of the Rose Parade. In 2004, he traveled to Athens for camera work on the Summer Olympics. John met Linda Rossi at WTVT and they have now been married for 25 years. John and Linda have two sons, Matt, age 22, and Ross, age 16.

Bill Small? - Reporter

Ken Smith
One of the original WKY gang who migrated to Tampa in 1957, Ken spent 12 years at Big 13, eventually becoming production manager. He moved to Orlando to join WESH-TV and retired from there in 1993. Ken received an "Ernie" award at the 2003 reunion for his production stint at WTVT. Read about Ken's 12 years at WTVT in KEN SMITH ON 3-D DANNY. Ken's wife is former Channel 13 'Year One' employee Jeri Bunt. Read her story in "Jeri Bunt...Channel 13's Cover Girl"

Tim Smith
Left Big 13 in 1981 and worked in television news in Greenville/Spartanburg; Raleigh/Durham; and Dallas/Fort Worth, doing everything from anchoring newscasts to economic/business reporting to assistant news director. After 19 years of news -- Tim joined American Airlines in Fort Worth as a Corporate Communications spokesperson in 1990. In 1999, he became Director of Corporate Communications for Brinker International in Dallas, parent company of of 1,200 restaurants. Since 2003, Tim has been working as Director of Public Relations for InterStar Marketing and Public Relations in Fort Worth.

Cy Smith
Was an editorial researcher and writer and also an assignment editor. He is now living near Tampa.
Cy Smith
Was an editorial researcher and writer and also an assignment editor. He is now living near Tampa.

Scott Sobel
A reporter and anchor from 1980-82, Scott went to the CBS affiliate in Denver for 10 years as a reporter and then to Boston where he opened a whole grain bakery chain. Scott's last work in TV was segment producing for NBC's Real Life in Boston and the local Channel 7 investigative unit.

Scott is now vice president for a litigation public relations and crisis communications firm (and probably pretty busy!).

Leslie Spencer
The former anchor of PULSE PLUS! works in Corporate Communications for Publix Supermarkets.

Bill Stokes
WTVT's first weatherman left in 1957 and went to WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC. Twenty years later, Bill returned to Florida as a federal employee with the Army Reserve. Since 1983, he has been a freelance writer in Lake Worth, Florida.

Rob Sweeting
Is a reporter/anchor at WJXT in Jacksonville.

Paul Tanofsky
Is a sales representative for Frontline Communications, a company that engineers television ENG remote trucks in Clearwater. (Big 13 web master Mike Clark took the tour of Frontline and reports it was amazing!!)

Sharon Taylor
A popular Assignment Editor at WTVT in the late 1980's, Sharon is now a star on the morning radio beat at WFLA radio. She co-stars with another former 13er, Jack Harris, and Tedd Webb.

Sherry Taylor
After leaving 13 in 1978, Sherry spent a year at WEDU, Channel 3 in Tampa, then moved to Tulsa and earned a teaching degree. She married in 1980 and has a daughter, Charity, 20. Along the way, Sherry owned a bookstore for two years and worked for Weight Watchers for 7 years. According to her Email, Sherry has become a jack of all trades, and works in a church as a children's minister Her most recent claim to fame was the publication of a book entitled "Dance With Me" in the genre of women's fiction. Sherry still love sports, and says it is required since her Canuck husband Duane is a hockey freak. They live on Lake Lanier in the Northeast Georgia mountains.

Neil Vacino
Teaches journalism at the University of South Florida

Dora & Otto Walters? - Sarasota/Bradenton stringers

Charles Wilson ? - Reporter

Alan Wendt
After 24 years in news (7 in Lakeland radio and 17 with WTVT) Alan and his wife Susan turned their attention to developing Wendt Productions. The company's focus is marketing, advertising and PR for the recreational marine industry, which includes publishing Sea Ray Getaways magazine. Their clients also include financial institutions, restaurant chains, and telephone on hold messages. You can see Wendt Production's web site at www.wendtproductions.com

Bob West
One of our favorite directors is retired and living in Tampa.

Jim West
A former WTVT anchor and news director, Jim was the co-founder of the Worship and the PraiseTV channels currently featured on Dominion Sky Angel satellite.

Marc Wielage
Moved to Los Angeles and became one of the industry's top telecine operators. His digital color correction work is seen in the recent Kevin Costner film "Open Range." He has freelanced for Luscasfilm on the DVD release of "Return of the Jedi" and "Star Wars." It's Marc's dream come true!

Landis Wilkinson ?

Ann Williams
Worked at the CBS Bureau in Atlanta. After her marriage to Jimmy Hagan, they moved to Stone Mountain, where her son Lee is in 10th grade. Do other 'Big 13ers' remember Ann's cutie-pie daughter Dawn? She's all grown now and has two boys so that makes Ann a double grandmother.

Bill Witt
WTVT's first Chief Engineer (under Gaylord Broadcasting) served Channel 13 from 1956 through 1966. Bill was sent by Gaylord to their new UHF affiliate in Milwaukee. He retired in 1982 and lives in the Milwaukee area.

Tom Wright
Was news director from 1963-66, then moved to Chicago to work for United Airlines.

Louis Young
A Channel 13 reporter in the early 1980s, Louis is a longtime reporter at WCBS-TV in New Yawk.

Tony Zappone
Was a news stringer in 1965 while in high school. He returned 11 years later as newsfilm correspondent for Pulse News, 1976-1982. Did many enterprise features plus took orders from the news assignment desk.

Today, Tony owns an advertising agency but mainly handles commercial real estate management and investments for his personal portfolio and others. Shoots an occasional photo for Tampa and St. Petersburg newspapers, something he started doing over 40 years ago.

Tony has written an exclusive first-person account of the day President John F. Kennedy visited Tampa (11/18/63). Not only did young Tony (age 16 at the time) meet JFK, he got some ONE OF A KIND photographs. To read "JFK, As I Remember Him, by Tony Zappone," CLICK HERE

Fred Zoller
Is an art director in London, England. Fred has sired many children! His brother Eric works at WFLA-TV.