Watch out, Roy!  You're the target of mischievous announcers!

After months of trying to crack up each other, the announcing staff turned their attention to other on-air personalities. Everybody in the building tried to crack up Roy Leep but he was unflappable.  We used to jam the drums which rotated to give the various weather information toward the end of his report.  When he saw they wouldnt turn, he would just calmly continue without the aid of the visuals.  Of course, he never knew exactly who did it so he couldnt know who to be upset with.  He was simply Mr. Cool.  The same went for Charlie Stump.  He was a prince of a guy and it came across on the air.  If he lost it and started laughing he continued when he gained his composure.

Some WTVT announcers became on-air personalities by hosting programs, as Paul Reynolds did for "Two On The Aisle" and "Dance Party."   Ed Scott became a hero to Channel 13's kid audience by starring as the space-hero "3-D Danny." (Krumbholz was "3-D Danny's" original announcer.  To hear him voice the program's open CLICK HERE)  Will Sinclair and Don Harris eventually joined the news department as anchors and reporters. The dapper and handsome Krumbholz was often asked to judge beauty contests, such as Plant Citys Miss Strawberry Festival, the Miss Clearwater Pageant or the Miss Flame Contest for the Ruskin Fire Department. The more visible announcers, such as Krumbholz, Paul Reynolds, and Ed Scott, received numerous requests to appear at local schoolsespecially for career days.  They also manned a WTVT booth each year at the Florida State Fair to greet fans.