WLCY, Channel 10

Taking over the ABC affiliation from WSUN-TV, WLCY-TV went on the air in 1965,   Because of the synergy with their radio station (WLCY AM 1380), the host of Channel 10's first kids show, "Submarine 10," was morning disk jockey Don Jones.  Unfortunately, Jones died in a motorcycle accident less than a year after Channel 10 went on the air.

Dick Crippen became "Commander Astro" on Channel 10's SPACE STATION

The station's weatherman, veteran Tampa Bay broadcaster Dick Crippen, was designated to take over the time period. The new show "Space Station," was hosted by 'Commander Astro' (Crippen).  In an interview with "Big 13", Dick Crippen says "It was interesting because we were closely tied with WLCY Radio at the time and it was 'king' over all Tampa Bay. A lot of the WLCY air personalities would come on the show and ad-lib. In fact, the whole thing was ad-lib right down to a talking rock. It was wild and I have to admit, a lot of fun!"