In 1973,  Pulse's noontime report expanded to an hour and became known as Pulse Plus!  Scott Shuster, who coined the program's title, was the original anchor until his departure in 1975. The station appointed Leslie Spencer as anchor, a position she held for almost 25 years.  Jack Harris was Spencer's co-host on Pulse Plus! for several years in the mid 1980's. 

Project 13 staff (late 70's) Reporters Larry Elliston, Ray Blush, and Cameraman/Editor Jule McGee

A separate unit headed by reporter Ray Blush and cameraman/editor Jule McGee was established to produce "Project 13," a weekly news magazine.  The topics were mostly of a local nature, and always with a bent towards the human angle of the story.  In later years, reporters Larry Elliston and John Ferrugia became valuable additions to the staff of Project 13.  To read their stories, return to NEWS Menu.  

Ray Blush won an Emmy in 1979 for his efforts.  To read about Ray, Jule, and their work on Project 13, CLICK HERE

After the demise of Project 13, news features in the tradition of PULSE EXTRA became the specialty of Larry Elliston.  Traveling the back roads of Florida, Elliston's features were such a popular audience pleaser that home video editions were packaged and sold in stores.  To read about Larry Elliston's career, CLICK HERE.